Barter for brands.

How it works.

Getting the most out of corporate barter

  1. Gather key stakeholders within your business responsible for marketing, sales and procurement.
  2. Agree on what products or services can be used to support future media campaigns.
  3. Explore these options with Miroma and agree new product/services distribution channels. At this point, advise your media agency that you are considering barter.
  4. Agree the price you want Miroma to pay for the products or services.
  5. Communicate – Brief your agency as normal instructing them you wish to barter. The process remains the same across media strategy, planning and buying as it would do without barter.
  6. Review – We then review the media plans and feedback to you and your media agency with the estimated spend that could be traded.
  7. Value - Based on the value of media that can be traded, Miroma will confirm how much value we can offer, at which point you can decide whether to barter.
  8. Booking – Instruct your media agency to book the campaign as normal at their agency negotiated rates.
  9. Payment - Miroma is responsible for bartered media. The media agency are responsible for non-bartered media.
  10. Delivery - When you are happy with the media campaign and delivery, Miroma will buy the product or service and this will be distributed in the pre-agreed channels.

...and now go back to point 1 for your next campaign.