Why Miroma?

Our straightforward approach to corporate barter has made us one of the UK's fastest growing media companies. Our success is based on a simple ambition: To make your media budgets work much harder.

Over the last ten years, Miroma has become a leading force in the UK corporate barter market.

We help advertisers optimise their media budgets and we create new distribution opportunities for products and services.

Miroma puts advertisers, their media agencies and media owners in control of the corporate barter process.

Our clients and partners receive considered advice and ideas from seasoned practitioners with a deep understanding of media strategy and brand marketing.

It's an approach that is rapidly establishing Corporate Barter as an integral part of the marketing mix.

We keep it simple for you

We talk in plain English, making the complex simple. Transactions are tailored to suit our clients' financial, logistical and administrative procedures.

If we say we will do it, we do it!

Miromas' growth has been built on long-term repeat business relationships as we will only undertake transactions that result in a positive outcome for all parties.

Upfront Delivery

We were the first corporate barter company to offer a risk free transparent model for brands. We deliver on our commitments to advertisers up-front, before any advertising has run - ensuring all the expected outcomes are achieved.

This straightforward approach has revolutionised corporate barter.

* Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100